All people be ready to face food scarcity problem as locusts increasing rapidly and multiplying itself quickly in India

When we talk about food obviously an important person who comes into many people’s mind will be the farmer. He tirelessly works months together and finally they provide food in raw form which we cook it in our style. Actually, farmers are not doing an easy task because they have to face numerous struggles to bring a crop to the final stage. In between a farmer faces issues like water scarcity, climate change producing heavy rain, constant air flow and other government issues. These are most common problem but in current trend there is an issue which really makes every farmer to get frightened about their crops is arrival of swarms of locusts from African countries. These locusts are small creature which brings abundant loss for the human by giving food scarcity problem. How can an insect bring this food scarcity problem will be the next common question and the answer for this is briefly explained below.

Who are these locusts?

These locusts are the creatures which will originate from the forest areas of African countries and they fly towards the eastern countries. When they come from one place to other obviously they need food and they eat away all the things which are found greenish. It is really a destructive species in this world because a swarm of locusts can destroy several hectares of land and they do just to get food. While they act in destroying process they concentrate more on the raw food resources like wheat, rice and all the food resources which are more essential for humans. This in turn brings massive food scarcity problem making many humans to lie in hunger.

Places of locusts attack

There are several districts in India which are badly affected by the arrival of these swarms of locusts. At first they enter into Iran and by the way they travel passing Afghanistan and Pakistan and finally they reach India where locusts attack is very worse than the other countries. In India they will first intrude on the areas of Rajasthan and Punjab and then they travel all across India creating extensive food and green resource damage.

India’s steps to prevent locusts attack

In order to prevent our farmer and our food resource FAO (Food and agricultural organization) along with the governmental aids has planned to use melatonin to control the growth of the locusts and using it will surely help farmers to kill locusts easily. India has gone forward to initiate a tri lateral agreement with Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan in order to control the intruding locusts. India has also agreed to provide this melatonin for these countries at low rate so as the invasion of these locusts can be prevented at the early stage itself. Even though after taking all these essential steps, the arrival of locusts is uncontrollable. They have started to ruin the areas of Rajasthan and Punjab and few areas in Madhyapradesh. It is sure swarms of locusts will stay in India for more days as this June to July season is the starting season for rain. Rain and moisture helps to give birth to more locusts and farmers now are worried a lot about these locusts arrival in India.