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Choosing A Neon Sign For Your Shop Wall

In recent years the trend for having writing on your shop wall has become increasingly popular.  While some prefer traditional wooden signs, the advances in making flexible LED neon has made bright lights a fashionable choice.  You can create a neon sign to say anything you choose.  However, choosing exactly what you want to write on your wall is not an easy task.

The phrase ‘the writing on the wall’ used to mean that something bad will probably happen soon.  It comes from the Bible book of Daniel when, during a royal feast, a hand appeared and wrote four words on the wall.  No one knew what they meant until King Belshazzar called Daniel who told him it meant he was about to be defeated.  As the writing predicted, before the end of the night King Belshazzar was dead and his kingdom had fallen. Unlike King Belshazzer, whatever you choose to write on your walls it is best to pick something upbeat and positive.  If you invest in a sign then it is going to be a focal point of your shop for years to come and you want it to be inspiring and to make you and your customers happy.

Google For Inspiration

As a starting point, you can find pre-made neon signs.  They tend to be universal phrases such as ‘Welcome to the Madhouse’ and ‘Dream Big’.  Most people prefer to have their wall writing say something more personal and individual.  Fortunately, we have the internet to help us.  Typing ‘Inspirational Quotes’ or ‘Positive Thoughts’ into a search engine will instantly get you hundreds and hundreds of phrases.

Film and Book Quotes

movie neon signsA quote from a classic film or book is instantly recognisable and can create an instant connection and talking point.  It’s probably best not to choose something recent as it’s impossible to predict if a phrase will still be recognisable in a few years.  A quote from a classic will also give you a nostalgic feel.  Even something as simple as ‘Once upon a time’ can instantly create an impact.  Often, a writer has spent hours polishing and refining his words to create just the right phrase.  You can find a quote that is inspirational, thought provoking, funny or all three combined.  You can use just part of a quote if you choose.  For instance, ‘Last night I dreamt…’ works well whether or not someone recognises it as the opening line of Rebecca.  The classic last line from Some Like It Hot ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ will bring to a smile to your face if you have seen the film but is also an encouraging thought.

Song Quotes

There’s nothing more personal than our favourite songs.  Some song lyrics are instantly recognisable, for instance Bobby McFerin’s ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.   However, if you are looking for something more personal, perhaps for your store room wall, then a line from your favourite song is a good choice.  Most couple have a special song, maybe even the first song they danced to at their wedding or when they first met.  Having a line from that song written on your wall would be a lovely reminder.

Make It Personal

While quoting from a talented writer is a good choice, to make your wall sign really unique you could create a phrase yourself.  You may have a silly family saying that would look good on a kitchen wall or the way your mum said goodnight could go on your bedroom wall.  If one of your children had a cute way of mispronouncing a word then you could use that on their bedroom wall.  Modern LED neon signs are now so adaptable that you can use your actual handwriting to create a sign if you wish, making it completely personal.

Where To Place Your Sign

Considering where your sign is going to hang is important before choosing what you want it to say.  A lyric from a couple’s song is probably better in their bedroom rather than on public display in a shop window.  A cute sign connected with when your child was young is heart-warming in their bedroom but might embarrass them if it is displayed where everyone can see it.  A bright energising sign would be better placed in bathroom instead of a dining area.

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How Much Space Do you Have For a Sign?

Before choosing a sign, think about where it is going to go and how much space you have.  You want the sign to be easy to read so you don’t want the writing to be too small.  However, if the phrase you would like contains ten or twenty words it could end up being very big and difficult to find space for.


Having a neon sign on your shop wall is a trend that is here to say.  You can use existing quotes or create something unique. Whatever you choose, having writing on your shop wall creates a focal point and can inspire everyone who sees it.