Herb Fed Poultry

When we started farming the aim was simple – to produce ‘a bird with taste’ and offer something rather special. We are excited to have achieved this!

Herb Fed was founded by Edward Wilkinson, chartered surveyor turned farmer! Edward left London in the credit crunch and with farming in his blood, returned to Yorkshire to develop his own business. He wanted to produce poultry of quality, but with a special difference that set it apart from others. He could also see the shift from mass-produced supermarket meat, to a call for provenance and traceability.

On top of their natural cereal based feed from a local mill, free from additives and growth promoters, Herb Fed have adapted their birds’ diet to introduce over 10 varieties of fresh herbs. All the herbs are a by-product of fellow SNAP! supplier, Herbs Unlimited, and are either trimmings or herbs that have simply gone past their best and would otherwise end up on a compost heap. Pecking through the herbs keeps the birds occupied and stimulated resulting in happy and extremely healthy birds reared in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Ed says, “Our poultry is traditionally farmed, hand-fed and kept in small flocks so that they are truly free to forage for food and roam their Yorkshire pasture. Because our poultry has had time to grow slowly and reach maturity naturally, the taste and texture has had time to develop properly, unlike mass-produced poultry products you’ll find in the supermarket.”

By maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards and enhancing their diet with fresh herbs, our birds have great depth of flavour and a unique taste that is difficult to beat. We are proud to be the only producers in the country feeding our poultry on this fresh herbs diet.’

There are some great recipes available on the website including summer chicken stuffing, the perfect accompaniment for a succulent Herb Fed roast chicken. You can order your own poultry direct from the farm online via their website and you’ll find Herb Fed products in stockists such as Selfridges & Co, Leeds, Fodder in Harrogate and Hawksmoor Restaurants across London and Manchester.