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Hesper Farm Skyr

When young Yorkshire farmer Sam Moorhouse, 23, was looking to diversify the family dairy farm, he came across a story about the Icelandic cow and the production of skyr (pronounced skeer). Sam recognised the potential of a product which, while creamy and delicious, also had impressive health credentials.

A super-nutritious staple across Scandinavia and Iceland, skyr has been enjoyed there since the 9th century – first made in Viking times. So Sam set off for Iceland where he learnt the age-old techniques of making skyr traditionally, from skyr master Thorarinn.

Skyr is made by incubating skimmed milk with live active cultures. The water contained in the milk – the whey – is then strained away. At Hesper Farm, Sam uses traditional methods, a heritage Icelandic culture dating back to the year 874 and milk from the farm’s pedigree herd to make the skyr in a new purpose-built onsite dairy.

Per pot, about four times as much milk is used as an equivalent pot of traditional plain yoghurt, meaning it’s incredibly thick and beautifully creamy. It contains no fat and low sugar but is high in protein and calcium, and nothing artificial is added. On top of all that it also tastes delicious!

Sam’s own cow ‘Baby’ is on the Hesper Farm Skyr logo.  She is a renowned character at Hesper Farm – Baby does her own thing, and will not be persuaded otherwise! Sam thought that Baby perfectly encapsulated his ethos of provenance, innovation and going their own way, being the first British farm to make skyr.

Sam says:

“We’ve been in business a year now and are delighted to have won a ‘Great Taste Award Gold Star’ as well as Deliciouslyorkshire’s ‘Best Yoghurt’ and the overall ‘Supreme Champion’ title. I won the Dalesman Award for Young Achiever of the Year and I’ve also been shortlisted this year for British Farming Awards’ Dairy Innovator of the Year. Our strapline which crystallises our approach is straightforward, ‘We don’t follow the herd’.” “We are delighted to be working with SNAP!. They are a business with provenance, quality and innovation at their core,

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Pollards of Thirkleby

The Pollards have lived at Thirkleby Mill, Thirsk since 1901, initially being millers, then moving into farming in the 1960s…

Andrew and Ruth’s children constitute the 6th generation of Pollards at the Mill. Over the years, the Pollards developed their expertise in poultry farming for the December trade, producing tasty turkeys and chickens for the Christmas dinner table. When Andrew and Ruth were looking for ways to diversify the farm’s portfolio, it seemed obvious to utilise their expert skill and knowledge of rearing and selling poultry. The Pollards of Thirkleby brand was born!

Pollards sell their produce from what is known locally as “the chicken van”, which has gathered quite a following across the local area! The customer feedback is consistent. People want to know and appreciate where their chicken has come from, that it has been treated well throughout and that the food miles are extremely low. Most importantly, customers value buying straight from the food producer, someone they can have a direct, personal relationship with.

One day, while out and about in the chicken van, a customer asked “so what do you do with your chicken mince Ruth?” Ruth has been making chicken meatballs for her family dinner table for years, so it seemed only logical to give her customers the chance to enjoy them too. Pollards of Thirkleby chicken meatballs were added to their range and have been very well received ever since, being one of Ruth’s most popular products. Two varieties are available, Italian meatballs (seasoned with garlic, parmesan and oregano) and spicy meatballs. Both are gluten-free.

All chickens are reared sustainably at Thirkleby, and are higher welfare, free range-total freedom chickens meaning they have continuous day-time access to open-air runs of an unlimited area. They are prepared for sale in custombuilt premises on the farm. The chicken meat provides a wide-range of chicken products from whole oven-ready chickens, succulent breast fillets and juicy legs to seasoned chicken sausages and burgers.

Ruth says, “We are really proud of all our products. Customers always come back for more. We tend to shy away from supplying trade,

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Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

Adam and Jennie Palmer and the rest of the team at Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil produce the finest oils, dressings and mayonnaise all made using their own award-winning,
cold pressed rapeseed oil.

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil began its life in 2008 with just one product in the range. The business has grown in recent years and now they offer over 20 products including their brand new limited edition flavours.

All of their oil is home grown, harvested and carefully cold pressed on their family farm in Thixendale on the Yorkshire Wolds. All of their oils, dressings and mayonnaise are blended by hand, bottled and labelled on the farm using their own farm kitchen developed recipes.  The quality of the ingredients they use is very important to them and they source as much as possible from other local producers they have met along the way.

You will find their oil has a gentle nutty flavour and with its high burn point Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil is ideal for frying, baking, drizzling and dipping. In addition, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil contains only half the saturated fat of olive oil, and is 100% GM free so a healthier choice for your kitchen too!

Jennie says:

‘Our team is made up of family members and friends allowing us to keep our brand close to our hearts. We first started bottling rapeseed oil to offer a product that people could buy with the knowledge that each stage of the process is carried out locally. Low food miles are very important to us, as is supporting British farming.’

You can buy Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil products direct from their website and their products are now available through many of Yorkshire’s independent farm shops, delis and retailers, as well as at food festivals and farmers markets across the country. Recently we are delighted to have started stocking in London and the South of England. You can find a list of stockists on their website too.…

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Passione Della Pasta

Malton-based fresh pasta business Passione Della Pasta is the creation of Aldo Valerio – the son of Italian parents who moved to the UK in the 1950s and began making cheese and meats as well as importing Italian food and wines. Being brought up by people with such a passion, it seems only natural that Aldo would dedicate his life to incredible, authentic Italian food.

Aldo’s parents’ business was the first in the UK to make Mozzarella cheese and Pepperoni sausage, and they were the chosen supplier for these products when Pizza Express opened its first ever restaurant in Soho in London (a relationship which lasted 40 years). After 30 years of managing cheese production for the family business, Aldo felt it was time for a change and moved to Malton. When asked why he chose this part of the world to start his new venture, his answer is simple: “I really like North Yorkshire!”

Pasta has always been a big part of Aldo’s life, and so setting up a business to specialise in artisan fresh pasta has allowed him to create delicious long, short and filled pasta using the finest quality durum wheat flour. Passione Della Pasta (‘Passion for Pasta’) has been open for business since early 2016, supplying to farm shops, delicatessens, restaurants and specialist suppliers. Aldo also has his own range of authentic Italian sauces.

Of all of the different types of pasta Aldo makes, he particularly likes the speciality filled pasta: “I like to create something you can’t buy anywhere else”. He is apparently best known for his mouthwatering ravioli – in particular spinach and ricotta or artichoke and ricotta. In late 2016 Passione Della Pasta opened their second premises – a new shop – in the pretty North Yorkshire village of Thornton-le-Dale, where customers can eat in as well as buy the fabulous products.…

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Amaali – The Secret of Kashmir

Amaali spice mixes are hand blended by Yesmien (Yazi) in her Skipton kitchen using traditional Kashmiri family recipes…

The result is the very finest spice and herb combinations from Yorkshire containing every fresh flavour you need to cook authentic Kashmiri dishes.

Yazi uses the traditional method passed down from her mother, hand mixing and rubbing a combination of eighteen different spices including turmeric, cardamom and fenegreek, which have many health benefits. Amaali keeps life simple with the perfect one-spoon spice blend.

When she’s not busy creating delicious spice mixes, Yazi delivers hands on “British Values” workshops to local schoolchildren and staff.Jamie Oliver popped along to a recent workshop in the Yorkshire Dales to help pupils and teachers learn about tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Yazi has worked with world renowned Madhur Jaffrey, food busker John Quilter, food stylist Jack Williams and supplies chefs who trained at the Savoy in London and the Plaza Athenee in Paris.

As well as growing her Amaali business, Yazi is a school governess, supporter of local women’s groups and a busy mum – you could say she has a lot on her plate! Head to www.amaali.co.uk for more tasty recipe ideas and handy videos full of cooking hints and tips.…

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Staal Smokehouse

Staal Smokehouse are an exclusive, award winning, family run business dedicated to delivering the finest smoked products to your door.

In 2007, Justin and Georgina Staal made the move from the south of England to Georgina’s family farm situated near the beautiful market town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, with a view to setting up a small cottage industry.

For the previous decade, Justin worked in a niche sector of the luxury travel industry arranging bespoke high-end holidays for avid, some might say fanatical fly fishermen and women. The work took him from Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the sand flats of the Seychelles, satisfying a wander lust as well as an extreme passion for fishing.

It was through these travels that Justin had the chance to see first-hand how people all over the world smoked and cured various pieces of meat, game and fish – from hot smoked King Salmon in Alaska to cured Ptarmigan in the farming heartland of Iceland. Once settled in east Yorkshire it did not take too long to think of turning these wonderful experiences into ‘The Dream’.

November 2011 saw Staal Smokehouse opening its doors for business, a culmination of their experiences in farming and fishing combined with a passion for excellent quality, great tasting food. Justin adheres to the traditional curing techniques honed and perfected over hundreds of years because he knows that the extra time and care can be tasted in every bite whether it is for a special occasion or a simple kitchen supper.

Justin’s products include a range of smoked fish including smoked haddock, trout, kippers, salmon and mackerel. There’s also smoked chicken and duck, smoked oil, or treat yourself or a loved one to a selection with one of their hampers.

You can order direct from Staal Smokehouse via their website and you can also find their products in independent farm shops and delis across Yorkshire including: Fodder, Harrogate; Haley & Clifford in Leeds; and Hunters of Helmsley. There’s a full list of stockists on their website.…

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Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets

Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets range has been developed to make experimenting with Indian cuisine at home easy and exciting!

On November 1st 2006, after an intensive development period, Mr Huda’s Chef’s Secrets launched its eagerly awaited range of award-winning and highly acclaimed authentic restaurant-style curry pastes.

Each curry paste is made up of a blend of 20 or more different fresh herbs and authentic spices, uncooked and naturally preserved in rapeseed oil. The range consists of Onion Bajee & Pakora Paste, Instant Marinade Rub-on Kebab Paste, Tikka Masala Curry Paste, Tandoori Marinade Paste, Tikka Marinade Paste, Universal Curry Paste, Balti Curry Paste and Mint & Tamarind Raitha Paste. They are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Founder Mafazul says, “Many are nervous about cooking Indian food at home, perhaps because of the unfamiliar ingredients or the common misconception that Indian food should be hot enough to give you a hernia. But in fact, as you will see with our ready blended curry pastes and our easy to follow recipe instructions, preparing delicious Indian dishes at home restaurant-style just the way the chef’s do it in their kitchens can be quick, easy and immensely satisfying.”

Their curry pastes truly rose to stardom when Jim Sutcliffe of Meridian Meats, Louth, was crowned ‘BBC Young Butcher of the Year’ with the judges praising his imaginative curried goat and mango sausage featuring Mr Huda’s Universal Curry Paste and their limited edition mango chutney.

Jim says, “I knew I had to provide the judges with something that was not only a little bit different but showed a true understanding of the use of locally-sourced, quality ingredients. Mr Huda’s products fitted the bill. The curried goat and mango sausage was outstanding, selling out by 11am when I first sold them in my shop.”

There are dozens of superb, easy to follow recipes on their website, ranging from onion bajees
to classic chicken korma, spicy jalfrezi and salmon tikka all available to download for free!

You can order your own curry paste direct from Mr Huda’s online via their website. You’ll also find their curry pastes

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The Yorkshire Wagyu Company

Welcome to the wonders of Wagyu. After building one of the largest herds of premium Wagyu beef cattle in the UK, the team at The Yorkshire Wagyu Company are delighted to offer this prized Japanese delicacy to chefs and consumers nationwide.

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company was established in 2013 after Yorkshire Wolds farmers Jonathan Shepherd (aka Shep) and Jim Bloom found a mutual interest in the world famous Wagyu cattle and the unique meat that it produces. They both recognised the need to explore the breeding, rearing and marketing of this increasingly popular product.

Originating in Japan where it was traditionally only served to Emperors, Wagyu is the only breed of cattle that is bred exclusively for flavour and eating quality. Heavy marbling as a result of high levels of ‘good’ monounsaturated fats is one of the characteristics of Wagyu beef and it is the marbling that gives it succulence and flavour.

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company offer a number of standard beef cuts and products and a few unusual ones too!

Jonathan Shepherd, farmer and co-founder says:

‘Our cows graze on lush Yorkshire Wolds pasture and on home grown forage that is grown without the use of fertilisers.  We believe that slow grown cattle has a superior taste, so we nurture our Yorkshire Wagyu for 30 months and the result is a rich, buttery flavour with a melt in the mouth texture. Once you have tried Yorkshire Wagyu, you won’t want anything else!’

2016 was a stellar year for Jonathan, Jim and the team collecting several awards and accolades. Highlights include: Yorkshire Life Food Product of the Year 2016; Best Meat, Beverley Food Festival and East Yorkshire Local Food Network Awards 2016; and Outstanding Achievement of the Year, Northern Farmer Awards 2016.

Yorkshire Wagyu is available online at www.yorkshirewagyu.co.uk and from selected independent retailers in Yorkshire and beyond.

Their beef and hand-made burgers are also on the menu in selected restaurants and look out for their mobile ‘Burger Bar’ that can be found at festivals, events and food fairs.…

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Parklands Primary School Christmas Eve Eve Spectacular

Just before Christmas, Charles donned his best elf costume and set off for Parklands Primary School’s Christmas Eve Eve Spectacular, a truly festive community day organised each year by inspiring headteacher Chris Dyson in Seacroft, Leeds.

On Friday 23rd December, Chris and his colleagues opened up their school to the local community. All from the local area are welcome. Excited children were queuing at the door in eager anticipation of what was to come. And they weren’t disappointed. Santa’s Grotto was packed full of gifts donated by local businesses and plenty of energy was burned with football and basketball games taking place in the gym and a disco.

A free Christmas meal with turkey sandwiches, roast potatoes and veggies meant everyone was well fed and Charles helped to clear tables and tidy up. We also donated 50 pounds’ worth of fresh fruit to the free food bank. Well done Chris and team, we all had a fantastic festive day!…

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Introducing Fruity Kitchen

Jams, marmalades, chutneys, and relishes are available in every supermarket, deli, and farm shop across the land, but these days few are genuinely hand made like Fruity Kitchen’s wonderful range of exquisite Yorkshire preserves.


It is this absolute attention to quality which has resulted in Fruity Kitchen’s products being embraced by members of the public and businesses across the country; their delectable creations have received numerous awards and are even flying the flag for Yorkshire in hotels across London.


Fruity Kitchen is owned and run by mother and daughter team, Julia and Hannah, and will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. The small business has flourished in that time, moving from Julia’s kitchen to purpose-built premises, and taking on additional ‘jammers’ to allow the range of products and the customer base to grow – however, traditional open-pan cooking methods are still at the heart of the operation.


Hannah feels that she and Julia make excellent partners, with similar personalities and a strong desire to promote the wonderful experience that tasting a really good preserve can bring. When asked how they find working together, Hannah responds: “We love it – we have very different roles in the business: Julia is heavily involved in making the preserves, and I take responsibility for the personal level of customer service that we offer. We talk to each other constantly though”.


Inspiration for new recipes comes mainly from customer requests, including trade customers like Virgin Trains, who requested their own bespoke recipes. Hannah is particularly proud of the fact that Virgin kept Fruity Kitchen’s own branding on the jars.


The Fruity Kitchen range includes delights such as Blackberry & Elderflower Jam, Orchard Apple Chutney, Sweet Onion Relish, Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam, and Apricot & Ginger Chutney.…

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