Puckett’s Pickles

Say goodbye to sludgy pickles. Puckett’s Pickles are wholesomely natural, gloriously colourful and joyfully British!

Founder Sarah takes her inspiration from family. All the Pucketts were seafarers. Her Grandfathers would bring home lots of weird and wonderful spices. Her Grandmothers would make them into chutneys and pickles using vegetables from the garden. Her mother taught her the social importance of food, and to demand the very best – not just from ingredients and suppliers – but from herself, too. As a ship’s captain, her dad really did sail the seven seas. It was while on his travels that he dreamt up the recipe for Captain Puckett’s tangtastic pickled onions. Sarah thanks her dad for making her more adventurous with her ingredients.

Puckett’s Pickles, homemade in York, contain no nasty preservatives, no needless food miles – just seasonal produce, bright fresh herbs and rich whole spices (and a secret soupçon of Granny’s know-how).

You can choose from a range of chutneys including classics such as spicy delicious and flag-wavingly British Puckalilli, seasonal Yorkshire Pumpkin Chutney and the amazing Chilli Chutney, just like an old flame, both hot and sweet!

Sarah says, “I thought my Dear Grandma’s kitchen and larder were the next best thing to Narnia: full of magical experiences and unexpected delights. There was always something to learn, something to taste, and treats whenever I came in with a scraped knee. All my inspiration finds its roots in her kitchen.”

With three sets of ‘Gold Star Great Taste Awards’ 2015, ‘Taste of Yorkshire’ winner 2014 and two sets of ‘Gold Star Great Taste Awards 2014’, the judges clearly agree with what Sarah’s always known,
“Nothing tickles like a Puckett’s Pickle”.

You can order Puckett’s Pickles online via their website and you’ll find their fantastic products in stores up and down the country including Hunters, Helmsley, Tapenade Deli, Guernsey, The Cheddar Vine, Saffron  Walden and Bert’s Barrow, Hillam. Keep an eye out on the website for new recipe ideas coming soon using Sarah’s products.