Who are we?


We’re brothers, Charles and Geoff, passionate Yorkshiremen and foodies at heart, born and raised in Yorkshire. You’ll find us busy in the kitchen (where we’re happiest) dishing up tasty, healthy meals bringing our families together at mealtimes or out and about in the beautiful, diverse countryside of God’s Own County discovering and getting to know the incredible food producers who supply us with the top-notch quality local produce you’ll find in our Yorkshire recipe box.

What are we doing?


As soon as we tried our first ever recipe box, we loved the concept but were less keen on the quality of the ingredients we received. Immediately, the variety and provenance of the Yorkshire local produce on offer in the surrounding rural areas sprang to mind. Could we offer a recipe box fusing the increasing trend of people choosing to buy local produce, eat better and know where their food comes from with the convenience of fresh food delivered to our customer’s door?

The opportunity to work together and showcase the diversity of amazing Yorkshire local produce was not to be missed, though we quickly realised the scale of our challenge!

So it began, in October 2015, delivering our first Yorkshire recipe box brimming with fresh, local ingredients and recipe cards to the homes of our family and friends in Thirsk. And everyone loved it!

Why are we doing it?


We know there are some bigger players out there delivering recipe boxes, however, we are sticking to what we know; that starting small and local is definitely best with a focus on delivering exceptional quality Yorkshire ingredients to our customers.

We recognise the personal relationship our customers want to have with food and we love getting out and about discovering new and interesting ingredients abundant on our doorstep to bring to your dinner table.

We know you, like us, find it interesting to know where your food has come from and how it is produced appreciating the story behind your food and what we eat. We’re extremely proud to work with more than 45 Yorkshire farmers, growers, independent food producers and local businesses promoting and supporting the people and communities we grew up and live in. It’s a family that keeps growing!

While getting to know and share our incredible family of Yorkshire suppliers is important to us, the best bit is cooking and getting stuck in to seriously delicious, healthy meals. Steering away from bland midweek meals and cooking on repeat while helping reduce the 15 million tons of food waste every year in the UK. We’ve lots to do and are very excited about the challenges and opportunities to come. We’d love you to join us along our way!