The Yorkshire Wagyu Company

Welcome to the wonders of Wagyu. After building one of the largest herds of premium Wagyu beef cattle in the UK, the team at The Yorkshire Wagyu Company are delighted to offer this prized Japanese delicacy to chefs and consumers nationwide.

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company was established in 2013 after Yorkshire Wolds farmers Jonathan Shepherd (aka Shep) and Jim Bloom found a mutual interest in the world famous Wagyu cattle and the unique meat that it produces. They both recognised the need to explore the breeding, rearing and marketing of this increasingly popular product.

Originating in Japan where it was traditionally only served to Emperors, Wagyu is the only breed of cattle that is bred exclusively for flavour and eating quality. Heavy marbling as a result of high levels of ‘good’ monounsaturated fats is one of the characteristics of Wagyu beef and it is the marbling that gives it succulence and flavour.

The Yorkshire Wagyu Company offer a number of standard beef cuts and products and a few unusual ones too!

Jonathan Shepherd, farmer and co-founder says:

‘Our cows graze on lush Yorkshire Wolds pasture and on home grown forage that is grown without the use of fertilisers.  We believe that slow grown cattle has a superior taste, so we nurture our Yorkshire Wagyu for 30 months and the result is a rich, buttery flavour with a melt in the mouth texture. Once you have tried Yorkshire Wagyu, you won’t want anything else!’

2016 was a stellar year for Jonathan, Jim and the team collecting several awards and accolades. Highlights include: Yorkshire Life Food Product of the Year 2016; Best Meat, Beverley Food Festival and East Yorkshire Local Food Network Awards 2016; and Outstanding Achievement of the Year, Northern Farmer Awards 2016.

Yorkshire Wagyu is available online at and from selected independent retailers in Yorkshire and beyond.

Their beef and hand-made burgers are also on the menu in selected restaurants and look out for their mobile ‘Burger Bar’ that can be found at festivals, events and food fairs.